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“Nathaniel Stern is an awkward artist, teacher and writer, who likes awkward art, students and writing. Stern’s talk, Ecological Aesthetics, discusses tweets in space, scans at the bottom of the sea, interactive installations, and art in virtual worlds – all work about the complex relationships between humans, nature, and politics.”

tedx uwmilwaukee

What is TEDx?

“Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. By organizing a TEDx event, you can create a unique gathering in your community that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform…. A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community.” – from the TED web site



Scuba Scanning

SUCCESS! The latest version of my sub-aqueous scanner rig didn’t leak a single drop at 15ft/30mins, and should be able to easily withstand pressure for two atmospheres / 60ft! Here’s a short video I recorded for play at the Joburg media launch today.

Sub-aqueous scanner rig

I received a grant from the Faculty Research Awards at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in order to research and build a marine-rated scanner rig, so as to scuba dive and image a coral reef, then produce a series of archival prints. I  received additional moneys from the office of undergraduate research to work with a team of engineers and artists on open-sourcing the DIY design. The resulting prints will be exhibited in Johannesburg South Africa July 2014, in Milwaukee October 2014.

From the proposal:

For Rippling Images, I propose to make an exhibition of artworks where site and technology – their limitations, possibilities and potentials – take greater accountability in the constitution and construction of Compressionist images. Here I will produce marine-rated rigs, including custom hard- and software, and perform several new series of digital images: these might be on a live coral reef, off the Galapagos Islands, or in Antarctica. Here, matter matters. My movements underwater, my relations to life and gravity, what I see and cannot see, fish and plants, breathing and fluidity, will all affect and be affected in and as my images, being made. At stake are not only the ways we perform our bodies, media, concepts and materials, but also the implications of water and land, life and non-life, that we per-form with every day: as individuals, and as a people.

New Zealand!

concentration (2011), 24 x 42 cm, pigment on watercolor paper, edition 5

Printing Time
Kerikeri, New Zealand
Nathaniel Stern at Art at Wharepuke
190 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri
Bay of Islands, Northland 0230
New Zealand
18th November – 8th December 2011
+64 9 407 8933 or info@art-at-wharepuke.co.nz

Printing Time is a suite of 18 performative prints, each an edition of 5. It was produced for a solo exhibition of the same name at Art at Wharepuke in New Zealand, run by Mark Graver – author of Non-toxic Printmaking.

View the suite

New stuff!

Installation shots and reviews from Giverny of the Midwest in Johannesburg, South Africa are now live on the site. A new series, Printing Time, for a solo in New Zealand, just went to print, and will be live on the site in the coming weeks.